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GB WhatsApp Pro came as a modified version of WhatsApp, carefully created by devoted engineers fully intent on enhancing this generally surprising application. GB WhatsApp pro-APK keeps up with WhatsApp's centre functionalities while presenting plenty of adjustable features to take special care of different client preferences. It is additionally perceived as GB WhatsApp Apk Pro and WhatsApp GB Pro. You may be interested in the makers of this creative application. In actuality, two unmistakable networks are answerable for the advancement of GB WhatsApp Expert - Alex Mods | Hey Mods and Fouad Mods. While they share comparable functionalities, their variant updates and sizes contrast.

Why GB WhatsApp Pro Download?

Many are inclined towards GBWhatsApp Pro since it has these astounding features that dominate both ordinary and business WhatsApp when combined. One of the most striking benefits of GB WhatsApp Pro APK is its capacity to implant a new appeal into WhatsApp. Clients can customize themes and access bountiful emoji stickers, infusing essentialness into their chats.

One more exceptional part of GB WhatsApp Pro is its incorporated application lock. The accommodation of this component kills the requirement for outsider application storage spaces to safeguard your WA security, as GB WhatsApp Pro APK gives extensive and secure underlying application locks.

Eminently, GB WhatsApp Pro permits clients to share uncompressed pictures, a feature prominently missing in the standard WhatsApp. This empowers you to share photographs with contacts without picture compression, consequently improving picture resolution for a more vivid review experience. Besides, you can send up to 100 pictures inside a single message and offer videos of up to 1GB in size.

Further increasing its allure is a scope of profoundly reasonable features including the capacity to freeze your "last seen" status, and activate the Don't Disturb (DND) mode.

Don’t Get Confused with GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp Pro addresses a development of GB WhatsApp, intended to offer improved protection against security weaknesses while conveying an overflow of features beyond the standard GB WhatsApp.GB WhatsApp Pro offers a privacy chat option that courses messages through a proxy server, encrypting all information communicated and received. It’s anything but a distortion to consider GB WhatsApp Pro as the most progressive WhatsApp modification loaded with a variety of high-level features.

GB WhatsApp Pro by Alex Mods | Hey Mods Updated to V17.85

Features of the updated version GB WhatsApp by Alex Mods and Hey

GB WhatsApp Pro by Fouad Mods Updated to V10.06:

Features of the GB WhatsApp Pro by Fouad Mods:

GB WhatsApp Pro Download

App Name GBWhatsapp Pro
Version Latest Version
Software Category APP
Size 58.9 MB
Requirement Android 5.1+
Root Requirement Non Root
Total Downloads 999999+
Last Update 1 min ago

GBWhatsApp Pro vs WhatsApp – What’s The Difference?

Differences GB WhatsApp Pro App WhatsApp
Availability Developers’ websites or other third-party sites Google Play Store and other famous app stores
Media Sharing Unlimited types Limited types
Video/Audio sharing up to 1 GB Video/Audio sharing up to 16 MB
Document sharing up to 1 GB Document sharing up to 100MB
Send 100 documents in one go Send 30 documents in one go
Privacy Features Hide almost all status indicators including last seen, blue ticks, typing caption, recording status, specific chat, leave group secretly, and more Hide last seen and online
Messaging Features Basic messaging, auto-response, set timer for messages, anti-revoke message, send bulk messages, and more Basic messaging
Customization features Change themes, fonts, chat bubbles, icons, and wallpapers from a wide collection Use default settings
Status Contacts’ status can be downloaded without their approval Status can’t be downloaded
Video status up to 5 mins Video status up to 30s
Text status up to 255 characters Text status up to 139 characters

Features of GB WhatsApp Pro Offers:



  • Read deleted messages:

With the help of GB WhatsApp Pro, you can read deleted messages for the sender.

  • Message scheduler

With the assistance of this application, you can plan your messages, which is one of the main features of GB WhatsApp Pro. This component assists you when you want to send a specific message at a particular time. For instance, to wish your friend at noon, you can easily schedule your message and WhatsApp GB Master will automatically send it at the designed time

  • View once disabled

WhatsApp recently added a feature that allows you to send a photograph or video that must be seen once and can't be saved or screenshotted. Nonetheless, with the assistance of the anti-view once feature, you can now view the photograph or video as many times as you can and also download it to your device.

  • Auto reply

This feature can be especially significant if you are an organization owner or a busy person. You should simply compose a reply for a particular answer, add it to your WhatsApp, and afterward, when somebody reaches you while you are disconnected, WhatsApp Master will consequently send the saved message.

WhatsApp GB Pro APK Allows All Types of Privacy

  • Multiple Language Support

Indeed, GB WhatsApp Pro supports a wide variety of languages. So, you don't have to stress over what language you use. You can undoubtedly use this application in your preferred language, which makes it simpler or easier to use.

  • Download Status

This application has an inbuilt status downloader, so you don't need any other outsider application to download stories. Open the status you need to download and tap on the download button. Then your status will be downloaded naturally to your display.

  • Hide Last Seen

You can pause your last seen at a particular time to safeguard your privacy when you do not want to show your online presence. This feature isn't accessible on the official WhatsApp, so you want to download the mod version to use it.

  • Hide double tick

At the point when you send a message on WhatsApp, you normally see two ticks -one demonstrating that the message has been sent to the user, and the other appearing when the client receives the message. With this application, you can hide the second tick that shows the sender that you didn't receive the message, as well as hide the blue tick. This allows you to have more command over your privacy.

  • File Sharing:

With GB WhatsApp Pro, you can send huge media documents that surpass the size of the official WhatsApp. While the latter application restricts videos to 100 MB and sound documents to 15 MB, GB WhatsApp allows you to send enormous media documents without any restrictions.

  • Hide “typing” caption

Some of the time, you need to create a response without the tension of somebody seeing that you're typing a message. so, With the help of GB WhatsApp Pro, you can hide the "typing " caption and make messages at your speed

  • DND

It can be extremely disturbing while you're using WhatsApp and notices continue popping up, upsetting your chatting flow. That is the reason you should consider downloading GBWhatsApp Pro, which has a DND mode that allows you to block notifications.

GB WhatsApp Pro Allows Customization of Your App’s Aesthetics

  • Apply 4000+ themes:

This application gives unlimited eye-catching themes that you can download and install from the theme store to give your WhatsApp a new look. With different types of themes to choose from, you can customize your WhatsApp to match your own style and interests.

  • Apply different chat bubbles

GB WhatsApp Pro allows you to personalize your chats with a wide variety of chat bubble styles.

  • Change launcher icon

You can change the icon of the GB WhatsApp Pro application. You can customize your own launcher icon, giving your app a fresh and unique look.

  • Endless stickers, emojis, GIFs

The tool helps you to provide more fun with stickers, emojis, and GIFs. GB WhatsApp Pro provides an extensive library of these features to make your chats more expressive.

  • Use various fonts

This application uses various types of fonts with the help of which you can express yourself through text with a wide selection of fonts. GB WhatsApp Pro makes finding the perfect style to match your personality easy.

Download GBWhatsApp Pro APK Latest Version 2024

Follow the below steps to download and install it on your Android device.

GB WhatsApp Pro Troubleshooting Fixes

GB WhatsApp Pro APK Not Installing on My Phone

To fix this issue, you need to:

GB WhatsApp Pro Crashing

Sometimes, page crashes might happen on some devices. Don’t worry, there are solutions to tackle this issue:

GB WhatsApp Pro Temporary Ban

In essence, GB WhatsApp Pro features robust anti-ban capabilities. However, these anti-ban measures are continuously improved in response to WhatsApp’s evolving measures against WhatsApp mods. Therefore, you might encounter a temporary ban if you’re not using the latest version. While such situations are rare, if you do find yourself in this predicament, here’s how you can address it:



To Conclude, WhatsApp Pro is a wonderful application to install on your mobile devices. This application provides you with a wide variety of features that allow you to enjoy your WhatsApp chat journey with ease. This application is very useful for business-oriented persons as this is the fastest means to convey your important messages to employees. download this outstanding application now and enjoy its amazing features

GB WhatsApp Pro Download FAQs

  • Why Isn’t GB WhatsApp Pro Download on the Google Play Store?

GB WhatsApp is not available on Google Play Store because it goes against some of the Play Store’s rules by offering features that WhatsApp doesn’t allow.

  • Is GBWhatsApp Pro Ad-Free?

Yes, GB WhatsApp Pro is the ad-free. You cannot see any kind of advertisement while messaging.

  • Can I Switch Between Regular WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp Pro at the Same Time?

Yes, you can use both versions on one device.

  • Is Rooting Required for GB WhatsApp Pro APK 2024?

No, your rooting is not required for GB WhatsApp Pro APK 2024.

  • Is GB WhatsApp Pro a Secure Choice?

Yes, GB WhatsApp Pro is a safe choice. We’ve conducted extensive testing on various smartphones with different configurations, and your data and device are free from any kind of viruses and malware.